Concept Art


Here in Concept Art, you can find the work I produce for projects or series I personally handle. This work includes character design, background art, and more. Those two up there are the protagonists of the “PE” project listed below!


“PE” Concept Art

Works made for a special project, currently known as “PE.” The world of PE melds a variety of environments, races, themes, and cultures with touches of fantasy. This project is ongoing, and as such unwarranted use or redistribution of any of the following images is strictly prohibited.


Environment Concepts

A few of the landscapes featured in PE.


Character Design

PE features a multitude of characters, including dragons. Following is a selection of these majestic creatures I designed, drawing from all sorts of references. Like humans, these dragons can speak and have unique personalities: some are free-flying adventure-seekers, while others are calm and highly sensitive to nature.


Monster Design

These masked monsters also inhabit the world of PE. Though aggressive by nature, the smallest monsters pose such little threat that even a child could fend them off. There are others, however, whose mere appearance brings tidings of doom.


Rivals Character Design

Two pairs of characters I initially designed for a manga, but ended up being unused. They have opposite personalities, but get along well.


“SI” Concept Art

Works made for the ongoing project referred to as “SI.”¬†