Welcome to Shiftaria!


MIRAI = “future” in Japanese. The most exciting part of today is working hard to make sure we’ll have even more fun tomorrow!

I’m the artist here, MIRAIGARU! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your interest in my site. I’m a college student who’s aiming to be a top-tier artist. I specialize in a variety of art styles in both traditional and digital media. Whether I’m drawing characters, backgrounds, monsters, or vehicles, I’ll do my best to render something that will move viewers at their core. If I can get you to say, “That pose is super cool!” or “I want to live in that picture!” then I’ll know I’ve done a good job.

The road toward perfection never ends. With that in mind, I’ll keep improving to outdo your expectations. Let’s work hard together!
 Instagram:   @miraigaru
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