Unreleased & Concept Manga Works

Here is where you can find works I have made for manga that are as-of-yet unreleased or unfinished. A few scrapped works from the SILENT MANGA AUDITION dwell here.

ANGEL Concept

In the unreleased Silent Manga titled “ANGEL,” a dark power threatens a family living in an isolated cottage. Magic and modernity become tangled in this story of familial love, where “Dad” is a gunslinger and “Grandpa” is a wizard.

War Dove Concept

In the unreleased silent manga titled “War Dove,” a medic struggles to assist the members of his troop amidst a firefight. When an unforeseen enemy knocks him away from the battlefield, he finds a way to make peace during war.

Hit the Sky Concept

In Hit the Sky, a young woman fails to audition as an idol after her partner abandons her just before they were scheduled to perform. While scouting for a new partner, she discovers a person who is skilled and passionate — but he’s also a middle-aged man.

“MWA” Character Concepts

Concept art for a male protagonist and his sister, which eventually spurred the creation of a different manga.