Hello one, hello all! Yes, Shiftaria is all open and ready for your browsing! “But what is this site?” you ask. “Why am I even here?” Excellent questions, visitor. Allow me to explain!

Shiftaria.com was made by me, MGaru (or Miraigaru), to host my artistic portfolio, my blog, and more. Here, you can browse my collection of work, read the articles and tips I write, and find out more about me. I also have a Ko-fi account showcasing various artwork. Go to my About page to see more!

Currently, I have my work categorized among the pages you can find above and below (on mobile) or to the right (on desktop). Choose from Concept Art, Manga, Games & Collaboration, or Illustration to start browsing. Each page has a short description plus a picture featuring my characters, so get digging and have fun!

Here on the homepage are blog posts, which include my work logs, tips for artists, updates, and more. You can also read the latest Retro Hanashi, a corner I write covering old, niche video games that are close to my heart. I especially love SEGA’s Dreamcast era, but I’ll be drooling over the GameCube and a range of other consoles, games, and time periods, so look over there if you get curious. More blog categories are planned, so keep checking for new updates.

Retro Hanashi

You can contact me by going through the About page to reach my contact form. Be sure to provide your e-mail if you want me to be able to get back to you (but it’s optional to do so, so feel free to send me a message or report an issue you find anonymously!). I will not respond to all messages, but I will do my best to fix the site if you’re experiencing any problems.

… And that’s the rundown! Come back for weekly updates and announcements. I will be adding new content and articles on a regular basis, so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading, and have fun during your time here at Shiftaria! See you later!

MGaru with lots of characters