I’m pleased to announce the release of Endless Doors, a game for Opera GX made for the GXC #NoticeMe Game Jam! Endless Doors is an arcade-style horror game produced by Roguetoad27, with artwork and assets by MGaru (that’s me!) and Scarletta.

I created the backgrounds, doors, objects, and covers for the game, while Scarletta (an artist and programmer who currently does not work online, so I’m speaking up for her here!) provided essential textures (like the wood panels, tiling carpets, and some unused sprites) and gave us general design assistance to help put everything together.

Roguetoad27 programmed it all in under two weeks (!), showing off his skills in GameMaker Studio 2. You can visit the page for this game on Roguetoad.com or visit Roguetoad27’s twitter to see more from this talented developer!

From the description:

“You awaken in a strange place. All there are before you are doors. But as the day goes by, you may find that you are not alone. And when night falls? You better make sure you pick the right doors. Keep your flashlight lit, stay cool, and survive.”

Click this link to get Endless Doors for Opera GX, a gaming browser!

I also added Endless Doors to the Projects page here in Shiftaria alongside some extra artwork and commentary. Please check it out!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you can give it a try sometime! See you next time for more updates!

Edit: You can now download the game on itch.io to play it on Windows!