Spoofs Calculator & Converter

Calculate, Convert, Customize!

Brighten your day with an adorable, customizable calculator-converter -- available now on the Google Play Store!

Spoofs Calculator & Converter is a basic calculator with conversion functionality. Convert from metric to imperial (US customary) units and back, and even use it in Spanish!

All sorts of stickers to choose from -- make it say "you!"

Tired of your boring, grey, built-in calculator? Wish you could deck out your device with the personality and charm of retro games? With the Spoofs, you can customize each part of your calculator, and show off your unique style with loads of different themes!

Combine colors and stickers to your liking!

¡También lo puedes usar en español!

Una calculadora divertida con caracteres vibrantes. ¡Convierte de unidades métricas a imperiales (sistema consuetudinario de EE.UU.) y viceversa! ¡Personaliza cada parte de tu calculadora y diviértete con tu estilo único!

Decorate with the Spoofs!

Colors, frames, and stickers! Every part of your calculator can be customized separately; mix and match for lots of fun styles! Pick from 12 options in the free version, or get Pro to access 36 unique customization options!

Unique Conversion and Rounding Options

Convert metric to imperial (US customary) units and back! Choose between Distance, Temperature, Volume, or Weight, then click two buttons -- from your starting unit to the one you want to convert to -- to complete the operation. Twenty-three common measuring units are available for conversion in Pro! *Distance, Volume, and Weight options are only available in Pro version. In the free version, Temperature conversion comes with three measuring units.

Make Everyday Tasks Fun with the Spoofs!

Spoofs Calculator & Converter gives a splash of personality to your phone or tablet. Express yourself with fun colors and cute characters. Join the Spoofs on their journey to make the world a happier, more colorful place!

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