Hello & thank you for visiting Shiftaria, a place where everyone is welcome!

I’m Miraigaru, the artist and writer here at Shiftaria. I am also known by MGaru, the name that’s pasted on my face up on the picture at the top. I’m an artist and designer currently working independently; I produce illustrations, concept art, game assets for indie developers, and manga. I work on personal projects as well as collaborative projects.

I have used Wacom drawing tablets together with Clip Studio Paint for my projects since I first used an Intuos with Manga Studio in 2011. Since then, I have worked extensively with the program, and I currently use a Cintiq 13 HD with Clip Studio Paint EX. My portfolio includes character design, setting concepts, and story drafting and artwork for independently produced manga and comics. I have also produced unique, intuitive UI designs for unreleased indie games as well as original characters and animations for said games.

As is evident on this site, I also have a fierce love for video games, especially for niche and retro games. Playing the Gamecube as a child inspired me to begin drawing comics of my own, and my dream of becoming a professional mangaka, or manga artist, lives on in me today. My goal in creating manga is to create beautifully rich stories and fleshed-out characters. I want to bring out my characters’ purest emotions while giving the reader a sense of adventure, friendship, and hope.

I hope this site can bring you even a little bit of joy. Thank you very much for visiting!

Watch me draw on YouTube!

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