Silent Manga

I have created works to compete in the SILENT MANGA AUDITION ever since I first entered in 2018. Please visit each manga’s subpage to view more about its development and see available concept art.

Think Twice!

Think Twice! was my second entry for the SMA. You can read it here!

Goofy Adventurer

Goofy Adventurer was my third entry for the Silent Manga Audition. Follow this link to read it!


Dwellers in the Sand & Helping Hands

Below you can find concept works for two unreleased manga from mid-2022. In the first, Dwellers in the Sand, a stranded pilot makes an unlikely friend in the middle of a harsh desert.

Helping Hands follows an independent young woman who, after arguing with her mother, is kicked out of her home in the middle of the night. In the city, she encounters a ghost; is it a friend or a foe?


ANGEL Concept

In the unreleased Silent Manga titled “ANGEL,” a dark power threatens a family living in an isolated cottage. Magic and modernity become tangled in this story of familial love, where “Dad” is a gunslinger and “Grandpa” is a wizard.

War Dove Concept

In the unreleased silent manga titled “War Dove,” a medic struggles to assist the members of his troop amidst a firefight. When an unforeseen enemy knocks him away from the battlefield, he finds a way to make peace during war.

Hit the Sky Concept

In Hit the Sky, a young woman fails to audition as an idol after her partner abandons her just before they were scheduled to perform. While scouting for a new partner, she discovers a person who is skilled and passionate — but he’s also a middle-aged man.