Game assets, character design, collaborative work — you’ll find them all on this page. Every single work featured here was made for a collaborator or alongside them, and I have gained their permission to post them here. This also means that I am not the sole owner of these works, and they are copyrighted by multiple individuals or a studio. Find more information about this in each section.

On another note, although not necessarily hosted here, I have also worked on creating textures and backgrounds, designing interfaces and providing artwork for them, and producing looping animations for games. My program of choice for all of these is the illustrious and versatile Clip Studio Paint!

Endless Doors: an Opera GX game made by Roguetoad27

In early March 2022 the GXC #NoticeMe Game Jam began, challenging developers working with GameMaker Studio 2 to create a completely new game in a span of two weeks. Endless Doors is an arcade-style horror game made for this Game Jam, coded by Roguetoad27 using assets produced by me and another talented friend, Scarletta!

Following, you can view the artwork we made for Endless Doors, plus some extras. Here’s a link to Endless Doors to play it on Opera GX!


Collaboration with Pure Smile

In the summer of 2020, I began working with Pure Smile, a net idol, composer, and producer, to design and illustrate a series of works for his first EP, “Summer Stars are Lovers Too”. With his guidance and approval, I established the general art direction and design, drafted several concept pieces, and designed each character. In total, I created twelve illustrations with fully rendered backgrounds that were made to seamlessly stitch together.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Pure Smile, and I am very grateful to have been given the chance to collaborate on this project. Visit Pure Smile’s Carrd page to see more of his professional work and learn more about him!

Summer Stars are Lovers Too – Concept


Summer Stars are Lovers Too – Illustrations

Other Work for Roguetoad27

I frequently work together with indie dev Rospo Briccone (or Roguetoad27) to provide assets for his games. The items below have been taken from various projects, but I have obtained permission to post these select pieces here. Check out for more info regarding this multitalented collaborator!

Warning: Some of the content below was created for a horror game, and thus features a small amount of blood and frightening elements.

Assets & Concept Art

Character Design