Spoofs Play and Learn

A Game for Everyone!

Spoofs Play and Learn is an educational and buddy-sim game extravaganza coming out on Android and Windows! I am the lead artist and composer for this game, and I worked closely with Madvox Games to produce the colorful world of the Spoofs!

Hello, Spoofs! Learn, Play, and Personalize!

Spoofs Play and Learn is a collection of games centered on learning and playing aimed at kids from kindergarten to first grade, but fun enough for adults, too. Personalize your room and choose a Spoof buddy, and you're all set to start your journey!

Scholar Spoof reads with letters and numbers.
Party Spoof jumps beside balloons and fruit.
Baron Spoof flies on top of a plane.

Spoofs Play and Learn was inspired by retro, PC educational games. Just like those games, you'll be challenged in various school subjects, from spelling and reading to mathematics, geometry, and telling time. But, unlike those games...


... Spoofs Play and Learn was made to be enjoyed over and over, with dedicated "Play" games that are just for fun, an in-game shop that sells toys and stickers you can place in your room, challenging trophies to earn as achievements, and so much more.

We wanted to make a game that didn't just engage players for a day or two -- it would be a complete experience, with enough fun jam-packed into it that you could find something new to do every day. And I'm confident that's just what we did!

The game, which is based completely in 2D art and sprites, features natural vistas that we hoped would exude happiness and make players feel cozy while they play. Forests, lakes, lagoons, ruins, and castles are just a few of the places you visit alongside the Spoofs!

Visiting from Planet Astrospoof!

Speaking of the Spoofs, these fuzzy guys are your alien buddies who join you everywhere you play. The Spoofs are just one of a plethora of characters that we made to inhabit the game, and all of these characters are animated by hand in 2D!

Everywhere you look, you'll find something brimming with energy and moving around. Bees, ladybugs, birds, fish, even unicorns might pop in to see what you're doing! These organic, handmade animations were a focal point for us, as they could bring out the homey, retro cartoon-y flavor we were looking to sprinkle around the whole game.

And, if you're done with learning and playing, there's lots more in Spoofs Play and Learn that will amuse you to no end.

How about going fishing with your Spoof? You could write in your Diary, too, and add stickers. If you're feeling creative, try painting in a dedicated mode that lets you mix colors and use coloring pages! My team and I really put 200% into this game, and we genuinely hope you can feel it wherever you look.

Thank you very much for reading, and visit the developers' site at Madvox Games by clicking the button below to see our projects and learn more about the Spoofs!

We hope you'll join us on a wonderful journey of learning, playing, and relaxing alongside the Spoofs!


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