The first entry in my new blog, Retro Hanashi, is ready to sate your curiosity! Coming from the Japanese hanashi, meaning “talk” or “conversation”, and the English retro, meaning “aged to glorious, glorious perfection”, Retro Hanashi sits you down for a talk about the undeniable beauty of old video games. Each article focuses on one game, giving it a one-to-five-star review for each of five categories, overviewing its price tag and availability as of writing, and — last but not least — delving into exactly what the game is all about. As evident from the orange swirl on the logo, Retro Hanashi will tend toward the Dreamcast and SEGA in general. If you’re not a big SEGA fan, though, don’t worry: I plan to cover multiple consoles and all sorts of genres.

Want to learn more? Hit the Retro Hanashi button (to the right on desktop, and below on mobile) to be taken to all Retro Hanashi posts. The first article covers a brilliant gem on the Dreamcast: none other than Metropolis Street Racer, or MSR.

That’s all for now — check out Retro Hanashi, and have fun reading it!