It’s true! After several months in the making, is truly about to open its doors! There are a few kinks that still need to be ironed out, but everything on the site is working well, and upcoming content is all prepared for you. While you wait for lots of fun and exciting content, feel free to read this little FAQ I’ve written about Shiftaria.

“Who runs”

Shiftaria is run by none other than me, Miraigaru! I often call myself MGaru. If you look up at the top of the site, you’ll see me up there. I’m an artist and designer currently working independently; I produce various artwork for personal projects as well as works made in collaboration with others.

I primarily use Clip Studio Paint along with a Wacom Cintiq to produce digital works. I’ve worked extensively with Clip studio and its predecessor, Manga Studio, since I first started using Manga Studio with an Intuos in 2011. When it comes to working traditionally, I use pens, pencils, and anything that can be drawn on for sketching, and when coloring, I use gouache and watercolors. I also love using Tombow pens and Faber Castell brush pens.

On another note, I love friendship, justice, nature, and coolness! My dream is to become a mangaka, or manga artist, who pursues the depths of “friendship,” “truth,” “adventure,” and “coolness” through her work. To that end, I’ve entered the SILENT MANGA AUDITION in hopes of honing my skills and reaching the hearts of the judges and audience alike. In the SMA, my pen name is Shifter.

I also harbor a serious love for a wide range of video games, which will become clear once Shiftaria opens up completely.

“What should I expect from this site?”

At Shiftaria, I’ll be running a blog and uploading various works of art. I also have a mini comic strip section planned, which will update irregularly.

Currently, I’ve categorized my work under Concept Art (preliminary art for a specific project of mine), Illustration (complete works of art that may include fan art, wallpapers, and previously released work), or Games & Collaboration (where game assets and other collaborative work goes). I am also planning a section for tutorials, which will cover both digital and traditional art, as well as other general advice and anecdotes.

“Where else can I find you?”

If you are interested in my progress, please give my Instagram account a look-over. I post roughs, tips, wallpapers, and other work that may not be available on this site to my account there.

That about wraps up the FAQ! Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you come visit again!