Retro Hanashi

Welcome to Shiftaria’s Retro Hanashi corner! Here, you can explore articles covering old games, written chiefly from personal experience. Video games, especially older ones, have had a profound effect on the way I view art (… no, even the way I view life!), so I thought it might be interesting to write about something so important to me. It is my hope that these tidbits are fun to read through — experienced gamers might enjoy a new perspective, while those new to these special games might have their curiosity piqued! These articles are paired with reviews, which rate the game’s graphics, gameplay, difficulty, and niche- and mood rating, each one from one to five stars.

The somewhat unconventional niche and mood ratings are intended to help you understand how quirky the game is and how much of your playing enjoyment can be found in the game’s overall atmosphere or aura rather than in something that can be quantified, like graphical fidelity. I consider these important factors, as we will be covering a lot of cult favorites! Many articles will cover the SEGA Dreamcast (could you guess from the logo?), but rather than focusing on a console, I’d like to introduce you to titles that are generally less-known from back in the day, that might be better appreciated with a modern perspective.

Finally, for each game, you can view “modern day price range and availability”. I thought it would be a useful section for other prospective players, since this kind of information is hard to come by without doing some digging on the ‘net. But I must warn you, prices fluctuate so often these days that the information I provide might become obsolete a month after I publish the article, so beware.

In any case, let’s do away with the tutorials and dive in! Use the content menu (to the right of this page if you’re on a computer, and below on a mobile device) to view all Retro Hanashi articles, or simply press the button below to do the same. Enjoy!