Happy New Year! It’s now 2024 and it’s been a long time since our last update. But there’s a good reason for that, folks: we’ve just released the first book in the Spoofs Storytime Series!

Cover of "What do you do with a book?" linking to the Amazon product page.
Available in paperback and digital editions, as well as in English and Spanish!

Madvox has published the children’s storybook, “What do you do with a book?” featuring the wonderful Spoofs from our game, Spoofs Play and Learn! Our book is available now in physical and digital (Kindle) editions. It was an honor making the illustrations for this project, and it was a very valuable learning experience as well. I hope you can see all the love and effort we put into it — we had a great time making it!

Not only that, but to celebrate the release of Scholar Spoof’s story, we also made a special 8-page companion coloring book that you can download and print out for free! Be sure to visit Madvox.com to get your own copy!

Sample coloring page with a link to madvox.com.
Download free coloring pages from madvox.com and break out the pencils and markers!

But there’s more news, too — last month, we opened up the DominicAndLouie store on Redbubble! Featuring Spoofs, Time Bunnies, and all sorts of characters in the Spoofs Storytime signature pastels style, you can find products from stickers and notebooks to T-shirts, bags, and more! Please do visit when you have the chance.

Dominic and Louie Spoofs banner with a link to the store on Redbubble.
Visit our Redbubble with the fabulous unicorn, Dominic, and the fashionable horse, Louie!

The team at Madvox and I are working hard to create fun and colorful new content, so I hope you’re looking forward to our newest creations this year. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!